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Canelé de Bordeaux

April 11, 2012

The Canelé de Bordeaux (a.k.a canelé bordelais) is a magical bakery confection, a cake with a rich custardy interior enclosed by a thin caramelized shell


The origin of Canelé Bordeaux is like the recipe, a little mysterious. However, it seems that this pastry has its origin in the convent of the Annunciation located behind the St. Eulalia Church in Bordeaux. Indeed, this convent, founded in 1519 by the wife of the Baron de Mirambeau Andron Jacquette de Lansac, specialized in the manufacture of candied nuts and candies shaped sticks called canelats or canelets. The latter
were made by the nuns from the flour that
they were recovering on the docks, the yolk of egg n ‘œ
have not served to collage wine and rum from the islands. In fact, Bordeaux was the harbor islands and rum. This cake was then distributed to the poor or sold for their benefit.
Unfortunately, in 1790, the Annunciation were driven from their convent which led to the disappearance of canelats. It was not until 1830, so that the recipe is rediscovered and improved by confectioners Bordeaux. The Canelé thus became the
emblem the city of Bordeaux. In 1985, some pastry chefs decided to found the Brotherhood of Canelé Bordeaux in order to
prevent the spread of the recipe and keep as a Canelé
Bordeaux speciality.

Caneles are linked to the wine making process and History of Bordeaux

Ingredients typically from Bordeaux

Egg yolks :

in Bordeaux, we had plenty of egg yolks as the whites were used to fining the wine (Collage du Vin): this method  could not only clarify but also stabilize the color of red wines, by limiting the occurrence of subsequent deposits.

Indeed, it was observed that a wine disorder normally included millions of such small particles, some of which were almost invisible. The operation was therefore to introduce the egg whites gently into the wine (about 5 egg whites per barrel of 225 liters) and obtain a precipitation of these particles in suspension, they shall be removed several weeks later by racking.

Lots of wine, lots of “collage” , so a lot of egg yolks available for canelés.
Rum and vanilla: present at Bordeaux on both the activity of the Port and trade with French colonies

JO ASSOCIATION : la confrerie du canele de bordeaux.

Date de parution : 29/12/2001
Numéro de parution : 20010052
Date d’insertion : 2010-12-21
Date de déclaration :26 NOVEMBRE 2001
Numéro de page : 786
Departement : gironde (aquitaine)
Lieu de parution : la gironde.

la confrerie du canele de bordeaux.

16, rue du maréchal-fayolle, 33200 bordeaux.

Activité de la confrerie du canele de Bordeaux.

faire connaître et apprécier le canelé bordelais en entreprenant toute action susceptible d’y concourir ou d’en faciliter la réalisation.

For more reading and info on Caneles, external Links:  Complete and detailed article on the History of The canele de Bordeaux  Canele Recipe  One of the famous Canele maker in Bordeaux  Maison lemoine

Le Canelé De Bordeaux  Etude exhaustive sur le canele realise dans un cadre etudiant (analyse des critères de spécificité d’ une spécialité régionale  :le Canelé de Bordeaux


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