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Tiens, Voila du Boudin / White pudding

November 28, 2011

white Puding

“Boudin blanc” or “white pudding” is a dish prepared with ground meat, usually pork, egg, bread crumbs, milk and seasoned with onions. It is part of the family of tubes.

Origin / History

Since the Middle Ages in many areas and at Christmas time, the women prepared in a pot placed on the Yule log, a porridge made of milk, bread, fat, starch and sometimes bits of ham or boiled chicken, which warmed everyone back from midnight mass which, in many cases, the cooking was monitored by the ancestors who, because of their age, could not attend. Boudins were  later presented in the gut to make it more presentable.

Where is made “Le Boudin Blanc”?

The white pudding, if it is a tradition in many parts of France and particularly in the Ardennes, is not an exclusivity of France. One can also enjoy some countries in Northern Europe often different composition of the French boudin blanc. Include the best known:

The German weisswurst: a white sausage made from veal, eggs and cream. Its appearance is very similar to the French boudin blanc. The weisswurst is usually eaten on rye bread with mustard.

The white pudding: Lancashire specialty in Ireland. The white pudding is eaten for breakfast, cold toast, or spread on a slice of bread.

The boudin blanc de Liège, the famous Belgian white pudding is a product handcrafted, high quality, made from pork of choice. Starchy materials used in its composition. The peculiarity of the pudding is in Liege hint of marjoram. It should be noted that in Belgium,  there are many boudin blanc sausage manufacturers of quality craftsmanship.

In France, several cities have appropriated the white pudding and made a specialty as typical products of their soil. It is one of the white puddings tasted in France:

The boudin blanc du Havre: this ancient Norman specialty consists solely of pork fat, milk, whole eggs, bread crumbs and flour. It contains no meat and is close to the boiling of milk consumed in the Middle Ages. It is said that his recipe was developed by monks and found a trick to try on Friday a mouth-watering dishes but do not contain meat.

The boudin blanc d’Essay: Lower Nonnandie this white pudding is made from fresh pork ham, whole milk, fresh eggs and a variety of spices. It is eaten grilled rather than pan-fried.

  The boudin blanc du Mans: only meat and pork fat used in its composition, as the boudin blanc de Rethel. It differs by the addition of chopped parsley and onion.

The white sausage of Toulouse: consists of white chicken, pork and at least 20% foie gras or goose. This very old pudding may be flavored with truffles and cognac.

The boudin blanc du Quercy: use this only the starchy white pudding pork cheek. The nose is also used in its composition.

The white pudding Catalan: Pyrenees Orientales this specialty is a white pudding rich in eggs and herbs. It contains no starchy substance.

The malsat: This white sausage is a specialty once made on farms in the Southwest. It consists of bacon, sausage meat, bread and milk to egg, all related to the bread. The malsat can be flavored with herbs.

The bougnette Castres: it produces and is eaten in the Tarn. Its composition is similar to that of malsat with pork belly and a pap high doses of herbs. The bougnette Castres is wrapped in a strainer and is traditionally cooked in the oven.

  The coudenou Mazamet: Another specialty of the Tarn stands out by its white puddings slightly crunchy texture. The filling consists mainly of pork rinds and bread soup binder is full of eggs.

The white pudding to Richelieu: the white pudding is a regional specialty but rather a specific way of preparing and presenting white pudding. Enjoyed throughout France, it contains no pork fillets and livers but raw poultry, lean veal and foie gras. It is characterized by its presentation in small rectangles wrapped in fringed and studded with truffles.

Varieties and preparations
There are many varieties of boudin blanc, integrating different products such as cabbage, raisins, nuts, truffles, porcini or morels. In general, these varieties are available for some holidays. The white pudding is eaten hot or cold (fried or grilled). Some varieties are suitable for spicy barbecue.

The Fraternity of the companions of the Boudin blanc, clic on picture for link

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white Pudding Hong Kong

Le Boudin and the French Foreign Legion

Le Boudin is the official march of the French Foreign Legion. Le Boudin is a reference to boudin, a type of blood sausage or black/white pudding. Le boudin colloquially meant the gear (rolled up in a red blanket) that used to top the backpacks of Legionnaires. The song makes repeated reference to the fact that the Belgians don’t get any “blood sausage”, since the King of Belgium at the time forbade his subjects from joining the Legion.

While the tune was composed prior to the Legion’s departure for Mexico in the 1860s the words were probably adopted shortly after 1870 as many men from Alsace and Lorraine (regions recently lost to Germany) joined the Legion

Le Boudin is sung while standing to attention by all ranks of the French Foreign Legion. The Legion marches at only 88 steps per minute, much slower than the 120 steps per minute of all other French military units. Consequently, the Legion contingent at the Bastille Day march brings up the rear. Nevertheless, the Legion gets the most enthusiastic response from the crowd.


French English
Tiens, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin
Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains,
pour les Belges y en a plus,
pour les Belges y en a plus,
ce sont des tireurs au cul.
1st sonnerie
Nous sommes des dégourdis,
Nous sommes des lascars
Des types pas ordinaires.
Nous avons souvent notre cafard,
Nous sommes des légionnaires.
1st couplet
Au Tonkin, la Légion immortelle
À Tuyen-Quang illustra notre drapeau,
Héros de Camerone et frères modèles
Dormez en paix dans vos tombeaux.
2nd sonnerie
Nos anciens ont su mourir.
Pour la gloire de la Légion.
Nous saurons bien tous périr
Suivant la tradition.
2nd couplet
Au cours de nos campagnes lointaines,
Affrontant la fièvre et le feu,
Oublions avec nos peines,
La mort qui nous oublie si peu.
Nous la Légion.
Here you are, some blood pudding, some blood pudding, some blood pudding
For the Alsatians, the Swiss, and the Lorrains,
For the Belgians, there’s none left,
For the Belgians, there’s none left,
They’re lazy shirkers (repeat)
1st sonnet
We’re at ease,
We’re rough-and-tough
No ordinary guys,
We’ve often got our black moods,
For we are Legionnaires
1st couplet
In Tonkin, the Immortal Legion
At Tuyen Quang we honoured our flag,
The heroes of Camerone and model brothers
Sleep in peace in your tombs
2nd sonnet
Our ancestors died
For the glory of the Legion.
We will all perish
According to tradition.
2nd couplet
During our far-off campaigns,
Facing fever and fire,
Forgetting with our sadness,
Death, which forgets us so little.
We’re the Legion.

And for the fun of it….

Desproges /Prevost : Boudin Blanc, lePetit rapporteur

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