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The Knack, The real Strasbourg sausage

November 18, 2011

the Knack : Strasbourg saussage

As all great stories, the history of Alsace and sausage back to the dawn As first evidence, Roman historians, like the famous Varro  Mention  in their treaties  the left bank of the Rhine (Alsace), whichsupplies Rome with sausages, hams and sausages.

Not surprisingly, Jean Fischart, a leading German writers, mentions a “knackwurst” Geschichtklitterung in his free translation of the adventures of Gargantua. This was in 1575 ...

“Knack”,  from the verb “knacken” … Its name sounds like the crack of a sausage that burst when you bite. It suits her and it actually is where the sausage gets its name from Strasbourg.

Mixture of lean meat of beef and pork emulsified stuffed in a casing of lamb with the seasoning is the secret of each master butcher and it is unique.

Often copied, the Knack of Alsace has never been equaled. Its sublime quality, freshness, make a gourmet recipe unique.

For you, the shops offer Alsace Klein and the Klein Knack, a subtle harmony of pork meat, “Knack” and spices. The shop Porcus selects it, haloed ones the title “Golden Knack” ultimate sign of quality, finesse and tradition of sausage from Alsace.

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