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Tarte des Soeurs Tatin

November 18, 2011

At the end of the last century, the  “Bourgois” citizens of France who came hunting in Sologne did not want to miss to go for a walk through in the village of Lamotte Beuvron, and found themselves seated under the name of a hotel, located opposite the railway station , where you can taste the famous tarte des Demoiselles Tatin

The two sisters had inherited the TATIN family hotel claimed they were honesty running the place.

The oldest, Stephanie, received the guests. Right, frank, equal temper in all circumstances, it is cited as an example. Each resident of the hotel was considered a friend and asked some business consulting to the tender Caroline, as she was said to be of good education and wide advice.Around the hostess was created a sort of court who had kindly nicknamed Caroline, “The small Empress of Sologne. ”

Stephanie Tatin
Caroline, 14 years his junior, took care of the kitchen. From morning to night, she was busy behind the stove and copper pans. It was a thin blue ribbon, but she had a terrible failure, that of being distracted as it is not allowed to be! Her specialty was apple pie, it served crispy, caramelized and melted to perfection.

Caroline Tatin

One day the hunters were fighting  for chairs, Stephanie stuffed her pie completely upside down, pulp and apple upside down, and served this strange dessert without even realizing it and without allowing time to cool.

Customers were left somewhat stunned at this piece of cake, and tasted the tip of the knife first, then with both spoons, this wonderful pastry: the pie was reversed and smoking.

It complimented the cook of all tables. It was useless to repeat that it was a misunderstanding, no one would believe her and the following Sunday, the hotel rooms were full to bursting. The Lamottois in turn came to revel in the famous hot tart with hunters praised the uniqueness.

The girl Stephanie Tatin disappeared during the war, July 14, 1917, at the age of 80 years celebrated six years after his junior Caroline (May 2, 1911). She had many salivating gourmets and famous pie upside was then known of Orleans in Bourges.

Tarte Tatin
In 1926, Curnonsky, Prince of Gastronomes, seduced by gluttony, presented in Paris, as “PIE OF GIRLS TATIN” name under which it is now in all good textbooks kitchen.

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