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Nougat de Montelimar

November 3, 2011

SAY ” MONTELIMAR ” and one will answer you ” NOUGAT “.

Historically the starting of the nougat goes back to several centuries. It is thought that it was imported by the Greeks, Via Marseilles, which explain the success of this product in all Provence.

One sees mention of the nougat in the years 1700-1701 since one speaks about the nougat with nuts, the cake with the nuts ” Nux gatum ” or ” nougo “.

End of XVIIème century, an gentleman agronomist , Olivier of SERRE planted the mulberry tree, but also the almond tree in its field of Pradel in Villeneuve-of-Berg to a few kilometers of the South-west of Montelimar.

The almond tree was acclimatized extremely well in Provence where the arid ground and limestone were appropriate to him perfectly. The effects of its propagation was to renew the nougat which, before him, was done with nuts cooked in honey. The almonds frays with the honey of Provence and Alpes replaced nuts.

MONTELIMAR specialized in the manufacture of this delicious product where the almond made it possible the nougat to be whiter, softer and to better preserve itself.

This transformation became and remained the prerogative of MONTELIMAR.

MONTELIMAR became the city of the nougat as of second half of XVIIème century.

In 1701, the confectionery acquires officially its letters of nobility. January 2 of this same year, Claude SOUCHON, first Consul of Montélimar (to Mister the Mayor at present would be told) gave like homage of the city, one quintal of white nougat to the Dukes of Burgundy and Berry passing by Provence with the return of Spain where they had accompanied their  brother Philippe d’Anjou, grand-son of Louis XIV who had received the crown there.

Consequently, the nougat becomes one rare present, reserved to the hosts of mark of MONTELIMAR.

It is necessary to await XIXème century to see appearing the first marks of nougat.

Today this delicacy is ambassadress of France and the French taste.

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